We're about to launch the Virtuoso P1 Cardistry deck.

The "shapeshifting" deck that got 19 million views on TikTok from a single clip.

Virtuoso P1

We went viral by accident.

Then it happened again. (And again)

When we designed the first Cardistry deck 10 years ago, we had one goal: to create a deck that would make even the simplest moves look magical.

What we didn’t expect was for almost every video we released to get millions of views... not with our small following and irregular uploads.

It felt like an accident — then it happened again. And again. And now, our customers are experiencing the same on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and beyond. Scroll down to see why.

Here's our hunch.

When it comes to expressing yourself visually, the visuals kinda matter.

Virtuoso P1 — Indice Fan

And where visuals are concerned, the Virtuoso deck is the only one with "Adaptive Aesthetics" that accentuate everything you do — even if you're completely new.

Best of all, with the Virtuoso P1, we've designed our most visual deck yet.

Interested? Click the button below. We're not saying this deck will make you go viral... but we're also not saying it won't.

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The last of our special edition deck

A while ago, at the private launch of the Virtuoso P1, our customers snatched up every deck available — except for the few saved for this official launch.

Want access to (the last of) our first special edition deck? Click the button above.

We're celebrating the P1's launch with crazy giveaways and more.

We’re celebrating the P1’s launch with crazy giveaways and more.
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