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The Virtuoso Moments Open Courts were first released privately to Virtuoso deck owners.

Our last decks from this production run have just dropped — and we’re already running low.

Click the button to grab some. Then add our latest tutorials to your order if you’d like to pair your new decks with some Cardistry.

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"Why are you doing this? Are you crazy?"

We’ve been doing giveaways like that for almost a decade. So maybe we are crazy.

But our mission with the new Virtuoso Moments series is simple:

Grow Cardistry by putting the best Cardistry tools in the hands of more people.

So if you’d like to join the fun, click the button to grab a Virtuoso Open Court as our gift to you.

"But won't you lose money?"

Not when almost all our customers buy multiple decks (even dozens at a go) on top of their gift. Why? Because this deck isn’t some “free trial” before you get the real thing.

This is the real thing. And when they sell out, they go for as high as $200 on eBay. (Go see for yourself)

“Why do people pay hundreds of dollars for this?”

Because there’s literally nothing else on the market that does what our decks do.

Many have imitated. None have come close.

There’s nothing that handles better.

Nothing that makes your Cardistry looks this good.

Nothing that lasts this long.

Nothing this addictive.

So if you’re here, grab your gift deck before it’s gone. Because if you wait, there’ll be nothing left.

Above all, the Moments series is a movement.

Creatively, it’s our endeavor to capture the infinite Moments of life on paper; painting with cards in ways that words can’t always convey.

And starting with the Virtuoso OCs, we’re stepping out onto the Open Court — ready to build the next phase of our vision to grow Cardistry.

So don’t miss out. Moments like this don’t come along every day.

Our private customers are glad they didn’t miss out.

Thing is, they snatched up most of the available decks from this production run — which is why we don’t have many decks left.

But can you blame them?

Here’s what Virtuoso customers are saying about their Virtuoso OCs:

Watch the Virtuoso OC deck in action in our LoFi ASMR Unboxing video — "Mail Day".

Now if you’re ready to get your very own Virtuoso OCs in the mail, in just a few days from now?

Click the button below. Future you will thank you.

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If I'm a beginner, should I still get the Virtuoso deck? 

The Virtuoso deck isn’t just acknowledged as the best handling and most durable deck in the industry; it’s the first and only deck that makes all your card flourishes look even better, instantly. This means whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Virtuoso deck helps you to get better, faster.

So while you don’t need the Virtuoso deck to do Cardistry, it’s definitely a more fun and less frustrating way to learn!

What else can I purchase besides the Virtuoso OC decks?

After you select the number of decks you want, you can add the following items as add-ons:

• Virtuoso Cardistry Tutorials

What payment methods do you accept?

For credit/debit cards, you can use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Our payment platform does not allow Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

Alternatively, check out with PayPal instead! You’ll still be able to use your preferred card, and won’t need a PayPal account to do so (simply check out as a guest).

And for our friends in China, we now also offer both AliPay and WeChat Pay as payment options!

How do I watch the Cardistry tutorials I ordered?

You’ll receive an email giving you access to instantly stream your tutorials! This way, you can watch them wherever you go, whenever you want.

I need to change the shipping address for my order. What should I do?

You’ll receive and email with a button to easily update your shipping address information. We’ll take care of everything for you from there!

Note: For orders less than 12 decks, if you update your shipping address from USA to anywhere else in the world, there will be additional shipping fees incurred.

Is shopping on your site safe?

Yes. In fact, your order is securely processed using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with 256-bit encryption, the highest level commercially available.

What are shipping costs like?

USA Shipping Rates:
Deck Qty.
Shipping Rate
1 – 2
3 – 6
7 – 11
12 +
International Shipping Rates:
Deck Qty.
Shipping Rate
1 – 2
< $15.50
3 – 11
< $19.00
12 +
Mexico Shipping Rates:
Deck Qty.
Shipping Rate
1 – 4
5 – 11
12 +

After ordering, how long will it take for my order to ship out?

Due to high demand, please allow for increased processing time of 4–5 days before your order ships.

AFTER my order ships, how long does shipping take?

If you’re in the USA, it should take 3-5 days (weekends excluded) for your package to arrive. If you live outside the USA, a safe estimate would be 5-10 working days (weekends excluded).

How will I know when it is shipped? Will I get a tracking number?

The moment your package is shipped, our system will automatically send you an email with your tracking number.

What if the package doesn't arrive exactly on time?

In such scenarios, the package usually arrives after another week. If it still doesn’t arrive, get in touch with us at and we’ll gladly send you a replacement package right away.

What if my decks arrive damaged? Can I get replacements?

Definitely. It’s the least we could do for you.

As most damage happens during the shipping process, the shipping company has an obligation to help fix it. However, we do need you to send us photos of the damage so we can hold the shipping company accountable.

Contact us at and we’ll get you sorted!

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