This is the Virtuoso P1 Cardistry Deck

“Shapeshifting” cards that produce viral-worthy visuals.

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I made a TikTok video with the P1 and it got 19 million views.


Perspective Series - P1

A new kind of Cardistry deck.

The first special edition Virtuoso deck.

And the first of the new Perspective Series.

Crafted with Liquid Paper, so your cards flow with control when fanned, seal as clean packets when cut, and obey your every move.
“Shapeshifting” 3D Adaptive Aesthetics that produce viral-worthy visuals.
Indice Fan
PRISM back design that amplifies your every movement and connects to form bigger patterns.
Leno Cut
Icons & Ring on faces in place of suits & pips — creating aesthetic arrays, surreal rotations, and 3D flips and twirls.
The new icons and ring
Industry-beating durability with Adaptive Humidity; ensuring your cards clump less, last longer, and “recharge” like nothing else out there.

The New PRISM Back Design

6 Prisms on a Single Back for Unprecedented Visual Depth

Inspired by the passage of a beam of light piercing the darkness and passing through a prism, the P1 seamlessly melds the most iconic elements of past Virtuoso decks into a new three-dimensional whole: PRISM.

Here, six prisms transform the flat surface of each card into a 3D array — giving your Cardistry incredible visual depth that makes every move more captivating to your audience.

PRISM also connects to form larger patterns (see it in action below). Yet, that’s not the only three-dimensional aspect of the P1’s Adaptive Aesthetics.

For what happens when light passes through a PRISM? Yep, it splits into a spectrum of colors. So say hello to the new Icons and Ring.

The Icons and Ring

Introducing the Blades, Arrows, Crowns and Diamonds

With the Virtuoso P1, gone are old school suits & pips. In their place? Colorful Icons encircling a Ring that allow for for aesthetic arrays, surreal rotations, and 3D flips and twirls.

Here’s how it works: our classic back design’s signature Ring now passes through to the faces, creating a unifying element between both sides.

Then, geometric Icons then form progressively larger arrays around the Ring as the value of each card increases — creating animated visuals never seen before in a deck of cards.

This interplay between PRISM and these elements gives you 3D Adaptive Aesthetics — a new visual experience across every axis of Cardistry.

Here’s what it looks like across the core categories of Cardistry.

Cuts and Displays

Magnify your card flourishes

From small cuts to large displays… cards cross and connect in every direction.

That’s why, instead of the overly intricate or minimal designs on most decks, the P1 features large shapes and long lines that literally form a bigger picture when put together.

This way, the smallest flourishes you do look incredibly visual from across the room, and the biggest ones become truly epic.

Fans and Spreads

Here’s why we have the biggest fans

With the P1’s Adaptive Aesthetics, a single fan is all it takes to make a roomful of people stop and watch in silent awe.

Fan face up, and the multi-colored Icons create a rainbow of shapes and colors. Spread face down, and PRISM “shapeshifts” according to the direction you spread the cards.

Fan one way, and PRISM produces a sweeping arc of blades. Spread the other way, and the cards morph into a circle of contrasting fins.

It might be Cardistry, but it sure looks like magic.


Continuous, connected, cascades

With the Virtuoso P1, your cascades paint the air like never before.

Waterfalls flow downwards like plunging arrows, springs link in three dimensional space, and dribbles connect downward as symmetrical streaks surround each side.

In other words, everything looks smoother, flows better, and becomes immensely more visual.

Flips and Twirls

Cardistry captured in 3D space

With the Virtuoso P1’s 3D Adaptive Aesthetics, even flips and twirls become more three-dimensional.

How? The unifying Ring uses visual retention to simulate a thaumatrope — aka the “birdcage illusion” — appearing to float in 3D space as surrounding shapes swirl around it.


Surreal Swirls and Stroboscopic Spins

Most decks have design that blur and vanish in rotations. In contrast, the Virtuoso P1 features stroboscopic design on both the backs and faces — making your rotations looking faster, smoother and more impressive.

At slower speeds, PRISM’s white lines and directional shapes swirl with your rotations, while the Icons on the faces spin in contrast to the still center Ring.

At higher speeds, an incredible optical illusion known as the "wagon-wheel" effect is created, causing PRISM’s lines and the face’s Icons to visually rotate in reverse when captured on video.

Yet, beyond the visuals and the handling, another important question remains:

“Do these cards last?”

Want Industry-beating Durability?
Recharge your deck with Adaptive Humidity.

You know how most cards get sticky real quickly? Clumping minutes after you take them out of your or room and into the outdoors?

That’s because most cards don’t like the shifting humidity levels of daily life. And it’s why nothing you try truly stops your cards from warping like marshmallows over a campfire.

The real solution? The Virtuoso P1’s Adaptive Humidity — balanced moisture levels within each card that adapt to humidity levels around.

Basically, this is the one deck that clump less, last longer, and “recharges” like nothing else.

Safe for your hands, and so eco-friendly it’s edible.

Many decks release a whiff of chemicals the moment they’re pulled out of the box… then leave a layer of gunk on your fingertips after some shuffles.

Why? Because Cardistry is an intimate interaction between your fingers and the cards — and those toxic coatings inevitably get transmitted into your pores. Nasty.

That’s why the Virtuoso P1 is coated with non-toxic, plant-based inks which are safe for your hands. Plus, because they’re made with sustainably-forested paper (FSC-certified), they’re good for the environment too.

The Wraparound Tuck Case

Pick up the Virtuoso P1, and you’ll immediately perceive what quality literally feels like.

Made with a special paper, the tuck case is both sturdier and more resistant to scratches than most others, yet wonderfully smooth to the touch.

Simpler, Subtler, and Set Apart

Why does the Virtuoso P1 effortlessly stand out in the sea of decks out there? Because we didn’t jump on the common “the shinier the better” bandwagon of custom decks flooding the market.

Instead, we gave the tuck case an iconic wraparound design that’s simpler, subtler, and effortlessly set apart — all without ever needing to scream for attention.

Here's what the Community is saying about the P1

Virtuoso cards aren’t just used by the top cardists in the industry — they’re in the hands of tens of thousands of card lovers (not just Cardists!) worldwide from 77 countries.

Collectors, magicians, artists — even people who don’t do any Cardistry but simply enjoy the artwork or watching artistry in action — are all raving about the Virtuoso P1.

And here’s what verified customers, who purchased the deck during its private launch, are saying:

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If I'm a beginner, should I still get the Virtuoso deck? 

The Virtuoso deck isn’t just acknowledged as the best handling and most durable deck in the industry; it’s the first and only deck that makes all your card flourishes look even better, instantly. This means whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Virtuoso deck helps you to get better, faster.

So while you don’t need the Virtuoso deck to do Cardistry, it’s definitely a more fun and less frustrating way to learn!

What else can I purchase besides the Virtuoso P1 deck?

After you select the number of decks you want, you can add the following items as add-ons:

• The Virtuoso P1 Uncut Sheet

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Most definitely. In fact, with the Virtuoso P1, you’ll get access to invite-only events, such as secret deck releases.

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